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God Given Right To Carry Guns?????

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God Given Right To Carry Guns????? Empty God Given Right To Carry Guns?????

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:05 pm

lol what a fallacious argument which falls apart. The moment you compare the actual violent crimes. With the Uk and an America. Only within the last couple of years have we seen a rise in knife crime, but have very little gun deaths. The US has way far more violent crimes than the UK. Hence mass killings is rare here, because one person armed with a knife. May kill and injure a couple of people before being over come. Where as a firarm is able to shoot people from a distance. Keeping many people at bay and able to take down many people. Hence why the US has a history of mass shootings. So the US is always going to have much higher gun crime related murders. Added to that the disparity of relative poverty.  So those who claim they have a "god" given right. When no god has given this right, but the laws of a nation. Is talking gibberish.

Is she suggesting that her views on God, superscede the laws of the nation? If she thinks she is above the law that is fine. Then she becomes a pariah to that state, basically a traitor.

Which God is she reffering to? Thor, Odin, Zeus, Mithra, Poseidon, Ares, Horus, Aten, Jesus, Allah etc? So the view to a "God" given right is as seen completely absurd, as which God is she talking about that was created my humans?

Its this absurd reason, that children end up killing themselves via accidents with gun deaths and even worse. Children do not have this right to carry such an arm, but because of clueless liberatarianist parents. Ensure you will continue to see mass shootings by students. As those students dont have a right and yet the parents have increased the potenial risk of harm, by  owning guns. If people want to own guns for hunting. There needs to be strick gun control and tha they have them locked away.

The argument of self defense is also a fallacy. As it is always going to lead to people unable to know how they will react in a given situation. Hence more people are likely to be shot and killed by rash actions by people and will already see this with the Police. In the US. I mean think about it? How many people have been shot by the Police in the Uk, compared to the US? Hardly any and the reason is they are less likley to face someone with a gun. Where as in the Us they constantly will. Thus leading to a higher potential for mistakes to happen.  As a gun is always going to invoke a more rash reaction when pointed at someone, than someone brandishing a knife. Hence the view will always be in the mindset of people that other people are carrying a gun, even when they are unarmed. Plus on top of that the violent crime. Is always going to lead to a higher state of fear with confrontations in the US. Its why you end up seeing people unarmed shot by the Police. That is the reality of a having a gun culture with high crime rates.

I bet she would never claim a criminal or a child has a "god given right to carry a gun.

The Brit should have replied to the 1776 comment with 1814. When we burned your Capital down Smile

Libertarian arguments always fall down for a number of reasons

I have no issue with people that own guns for hunting, but they should have a licence and are unlikley to walk around cities carrying them

So nobody has a "god" given right, they have a right by the law of that nation.


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