The Rules:

NewsFix was created to be a place where people of different backgrounds and beliefs can debate current events and have fun.

Rule violation may be punished by banning or basementing (rendering the user's account inactive for a time).

Membership implies an agreement to abide by these rules:

Part 1: Ban-worthy infractions

Users who dox (disclose personal information about) other members or their families or friends will be permanently banned.

Users who engage in a pattern of repeated, malicious site disruption, or who work to get the site shut down, will be permanently banned.

Users who repeatedly engage in hate speech or "gang activity" (see below) may be permanently banned.

Part 2: Basement-worthy infractions

"Gang activity" -- any members conspiring to get other members banned or otherwise punished will be basemented (rendered inactive) for a term subject to moderator discretion.

"Hate speech" -- any member using words or imagery to intentionally and maliciously denigrate people of different races, nationalities, sexual orientations, religious or other beliefs, etc. will be basemented for a term subject to moderator discretion.

"Site disruption" -- any member engaging in conduct which moderators deem a significant disruption will be warned or basemented. This includes excessively making personal insults, excessively turning threads into flame wars, creating threads intended to antagonize other members, and other anti-social behaviors.

Part 3: The role of the moderators

All moderators are trusted by the site founder (Ben Reilly) to fairly enforce the rules, independent of oversight.

Members who repeatedly question the judgment of moderators may be deemed disruptive and subjected to basementing.

Members who feel they have been unfairly punished have the right to appeal their punishment to the site founder, either by e-mailing or a private message to the site founder.

Objectionable content should always be reported to one or more moderators. Moderators don't see all content at the moment it was posted. The presence of objectionable content should NOT be construed as tacit moderator approval of said content.

Moderators are in no way obliged to inform or explain to the rest of the community any member's punishment.