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Rutgers lost.

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Rutgers lost. Empty Rutgers lost.

Post by Original Quill Mon Mar 22, 2021 5:21 pm

It's March madness time, and the NCAA basketball tournament is happening. Rutgers University, not a powerhouse, almost made it to the Sweet-Sixteen. But the University of Houston won over Rutgers last night.

Rutgers was clearly the better team, as they led at halftime, and led throughout the second half by as much as 10-points. They were only jumped by Houston in the final seconds, winning by only 3-points with 24-seconds left. As ESPN said:

ESPN wrote:Rutgers did everything right until the final 10 minutes, when the magnitude of the moment appeared to catch up with a team that hadn't been in such a high-profile situation in decades. The Scarlet Knights had just 13 turnovers but two of them came in the decisive final minute.

Good luck Houston (26-3), as you march on to play No. 11 seed Syracuse next weekend. I hope you break a leg. Rutgers lost. 4233679493

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