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Post by Guest on Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:37 am

hmm no one noticed forty years of hawkins suddenly changed...thats a surprise...


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Post by veya_victaous on Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:27 pm

Do you actually understand what the 'reversal' is? somehow I doubt it, but I'll try anyway Wink

This reversal proposes that matter and energy can be temporarily held before being released back into space in a scrambled form.

SO the original proposition was that black holes held matter and energy for eternity. This reversal is saying that actually they energy does get released but in the rawest form. He is hypothesising some sort of 'leak' or base radiating from the black hole. And he isn't even sure or saying it yet but he is obviously considering/calculating the possibilities.

Peet said that although Hawking’s paper has been described as "cryptic," running just four pages long and lacking any calculations, physicists are rightly paying close attention to what he says.

What this means? Well rather than the universe having a start and eventual finish, it may be a self-replicating system. So some background on Black holes

Black holes occur when a dead star "literally runs out of gas" for nuclear fusion and begins to collapse on itself under the force of gravity, Peet explained. If there’s enough mass, this creates a "runaway collapse" so powerful that no other force can resist. All nearby matter would get drawn in and crushed.

So the change is suggesting that it is possible that Black holes could also be responsible for making new stars, maybe there wasn't a big bang as such but a constant cycle of smaller bangs and 'black holes' sucking up the energy that fuels these bangs.

He is only very vaguely theorizing at this point, but this would solve the issue Quantum Mathematics has been having with the accounting for the energy required for the big bang. It still is only theorizing because the Higgs Boson has only recently been proven. SO science is updating some of the algorithms now that one of the variable unknowns is known. BUT that is not the last number we need to give a conclusive answer... it is all part of the quest for enlightenment and the search for true knowledge. ::D:: ::D:: ::D::

P.S. the Higgs boson, is Very important because it shows there is Energy/matter content in the ‘empty darkness’ of space. It means that a lot of equations where we were getting 0 we are now getting a positive number, it was theorized because there were some equations giving a negative number which is not really logical, so Science guessed that there must be some other particle and in 2012 Science proved it. There were some ‘Higgs-less’ models, but none of them really worked either.

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