Students occupy building, demand no-whites-allowed scholarships, free meals, laundry detergent, storage

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Students occupy building, demand no-whites-allowed scholarships, free meals, laundry detergent, storage Empty Students occupy building, demand no-whites-allowed scholarships, free meals, laundry detergent, storage

Post by Thorin on Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:26 pm

Also mandatory diversity training, ‘intersectional’ classes, a ‘Latinx’ therapist

Students at Sarah Lawrence College occupied a building on that school’s campus yesterday, presenting a lengthy list of demands to the school that includes no-whites-allowed scholarships, free laundry detergent, and several new minority therapists.

The Diaspora Coalition, “a group of students who can speak to the injustices imposed on people of color by [Sarah Lawrence College] on a daily basis,” posted up in the Westlands administrative building on Monday for a 24-hour sit in, the Sarah Lawrence Phoenix reported. The group presented the university with a list of several dozen demands, ordering the school that the stipulations will be “processed to their fullest extent.”

And from the same place

Students at Sarah Lawrence want to review the tenure of a conservative professor who criticized student affairs programs as ideologically "lopsided."

A group of student activists at Sarah Lawrence College want the tenure of a conservative professor of political science reviewed, and they want to do the reviewing.

The professor, Samuel Abrams, says the college should be doing more to defend him and, more generally, academic freedom and the “viewpoint diversity” that he advocates.

Abrams -- who has identified himself as an anti-Trump, moderate conservative -- has always been a political outlier within the overwhelmingly liberal college. But things have been especially tense for him since he wrote an New York Times op-ed in October, saying that student affairs administrators are even more liberal than faculty members.

Some of Abrams’s research pertains to academics’ politics. His 2016 study, for example, found that conservative professors are actually happier if not more happy working in academe than are their liberal colleagues. And he wrote in another Times op-ed that same year that professors in New England are especially likely to be liberal, and that at Sarah Lawrence, outside New York City, he might as well be "Ted Cruz."

The recent Times op-ed was a bit edgier and began with an anecdote about the college. He said that he received a “disconcerting email this year from a senior staff member in the Office of Diversity and Campus Engagement” about an upcoming event called “Our Liberation Summit.”

The conference, he said, “would touch on such progressive topics as liberation spaces on campus, Black Lives Matter and justice for women as well as for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and allied people.”

As a conservative-leaning professor who has long promoted a diversity of viewpoints among “my (very liberal) faculty colleagues and in my classes,” he wrote, “I was taken aback by the college’s sponsorship of such a politically lopsided event.” Abrams said he soon learned that the Office of Student Affairs on his campus was organizing “many overtly progressive events -- programs with names like ‘Stay Healthy, Stay Woke,’ ‘Microaggressions’ and ‘Understanding White Privilege’ -- without offering any programming that offered a meaningful ideological alternative. These events were conducted outside the classroom, in the students’ social and recreational spaces.”


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