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Governor cites 'direct correlation' between disposal wells, earthquakes

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Governor cites 'direct correlation' between disposal wells, earthquakes Empty Governor cites 'direct correlation' between disposal wells, earthquakes

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:44 pm

Energy industry representative says stricter regulation is appropriate.

Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday acknowledged a link between Oklahoma's earthquake swarm and wastewater disposal wells used by the energy industry.

"We all know now there is a direct correlation between the increase in earthquakes we've seen in Oklahoma and the disposal wells, based upon many different factors, whether it is volume or location or whether it is on a fault line, how deep that disposal well goes into the earth itself," Fallin said Tuesday.
"Oklahoma recognizes there is an earthquake problem in our state. We're trying to actively deal with it, come up with solutions and make sure they are based on scientific fact. That helps develop a response plan to address this problem and ensure that homeowners and business owners and agencies are all working together."
Fallin and her Coordinating Council on Seismic Activity said Tuesday they have made progress toward understanding and reducing earthquakes in the state, but that more time and effort are needed.

The council has focused its efforts on wastewater disposal wells, which are used by the oil and natural gas industry to dispose of water that is produced from deep below ground along with oil.
The council is not a regulatory body. Fallin created the group last fall to help coordinate research and protection efforts throughout the state. Fallin on Tuesday praised the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for its efforts to reduce disposal well depths and volumes in areas of increased earthquake activity.
"The Corporation Commission has taken several responsible and scientifically driven steps to reduce the seismic actively we've seen in the state," she said.
Oil and natural gas industry representatives said they appreciate the way regulators have approached the issue, even as they increasingly have pointed to oil companies for contributing to the unprecedented seismic activity.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Cameron is still strying to persuade people it's perfectly safe.  Lunatic!


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