Next X-Prize will be for artificial intelligence

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Next X-Prize will be for artificial intelligence Empty Next X-Prize will be for artificial intelligence

Post by Ben Reilly on Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:17 am

XPRIZE (, the global leader in incentivized prize competitions, announces today the creation of a prize competition presented by TED, (, the nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) so advanced that it could deliver a compelling TED Talk with no human involvement.

This has me thinking a lot. On one hand, I wonder whether anybody can say it's right or wrong to essentially create a sentient being -- it obviously would have no choice in the matter and might not want to be a living, thinking thing.

On the other hand, we make about 360,000 of those every day.

On the third hand (!), every new human being born has an expiration date looming, where an artificial person could theoretically live forever if properly attended to. Would it be right to create something (someone?) like that? Would we need to design it so it could commit suicide if it wanted to? And if so, should this screen display first?

Next X-Prize will be for artificial intelligence Settings

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Next X-Prize will be for artificial intelligence Empty Re: Next X-Prize will be for artificial intelligence

Post by veya_victaous on Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:46 am

true AI would not be like Humans (which are not that intelligent on average) it would be more like a god, what terminator and others movie didn't consider is 'Google' all the worlds information is already catalogued. it would take AI moments to posses ALL the information, none of this learning cycle.

Personally I think Uploaded Humans are better (partly because humans continue to exist in some capacity), If the AI is good enough there is no need for organic humans any more so we will undoubtedly become extinct.

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