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Well I think its time to place measures against Social media Giants. As they are the enemies of science and illiberal

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Well I think its time to place measures against Social media Giants. As they are the enemies of science and illiberal Empty Well I think its time to place measures against Social media Giants. As they are the enemies of science and illiberal

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 21, 2019 12:37 pm

I did a little research today on the web and what I found astounded me. There is a clear and current policy the social media groups and public information sites like wiki, encyclopedia and the many dictionary sites are doing. Globally.

I wanted to research more on binary sex and found to my surprise. That what comes up on all the search pages of search engines. Is not a definition of binary sex, as you will find, if you type in "binary Number" You will find pages on "gender Binary instead appear...

Followed by non-binary gender and then linking to and some which counter the sex is a spectrum.

Now if you go to binary on wiki. There is no section on biology

In fact the term "binary sex" does not even appear within its pages

There is no information for anyone to look up on or even understand "binary sex". To find any view around a binary and biology on wiki. You have to search sex and wiki. You will find this link

Where the only time binary is stated, is in regards to the nature of fertilization.. It gets worse than this. If you type binary sex and dictionary into your search engine. Guess what comes up? Yep "gender Binary" again. Even though you will find a definition. To all other binary terms listed in Wiki, in the dictionaries and encyclopedia. the term "binary sex" has literally been removed as a definition and an understanding around this. By the social media giants.. Its why I guess.

You do not see sex as a protected category on twitter anymore in regards to their hate policy. I mean you can type "flat earth theory" and you will find this in wiki, the dictionaries and encyclopedia. People need to try for themselves to see what is happening Behind the scenes. They are deliberately removing sources of information from the public domain. With the clear intent to deny people access to information.

This is beyond the pale. Its simple removing not only "binary sex" as a source of information, but as seen twitter has omitted sex as a protected category and replaced this with gender and gender identity.

I have never wished for Governments to step in and place policies in law to control social medias, but clearly it needs to happen. These companies have pulled together to literally remove the definition of "binary sex" and Binary from biology. With a clear ideological attempt

o balance the deck in favour of the view that sex is a spectrum. To also remove the significance of sex and replace this with gender.

Oh and just place the icing on the cake.

There is a non-binary wiki website. That unlike the other wiki sites. Have a page on "sex" . They call their page "sexes". The page also comes with a content warning lol

"Biological sex (biological girl, biological boy) isn't a good phrase for talking about assigned gender or sex."

But yet again you will see the measure is very clear. To fundamentally remove the importance of sex...

I mean to literally remove binary sex, when they hold definitions of "flat earth". Shows and proves a very sinister way. That the social media giants. Are trying to control what people learn. This is no different to the propaganda censorship measures of the 1930's. This is not secularism, or liberalism. Its authoritarian


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