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Lose, Lurch left, Rinse and repeat

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Lose, Lurch left, Rinse and repeat Empty Lose, Lurch left, Rinse and repeat

Post by The Devil, You Know Fri Dec 20, 2019 8:52 pm

so the runners and riders are off to replace a piss stained antisemitic marxist tramp.

The front runners are more of the same who's only qualifications are that they are big rabid marxists and they have a cunts.
Will labour never learn, you dont get the best person for the job by choosing someone based on what is between their legs rather than their ears.
Rebecca Wrong Daily and Angela Rayner would be a dream ticket for the tories. Women who are the epitome of the quota system. Labour will continue the never ending spiral to the bottom if they keep choosing people who are not fit for purpose.

A rumour I saw today is that even dear leader, comrade cob, is considering throwing his hat in the ring. Although I stress that is only a rumour as yet.

the alternative to the moronic RLB and AR is Clive lewis and man consumed with hatred who likes to keep bitches on their knees, or Sir keir starmer a multimillionaire lawyer. Or the ever stupid Jess Phillips, a woman who enjoys stunts like dumping her kid on the steps of downing street.

10 more years of tory rule at least as these fools rip the labour party to shreds

that £9 is seeming like excellent value now.

"If a socialist understood economics, he wouldn't be a socialist" : Friedrich Hayek

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Israel uses weapons to protect its people, the Palestinians use people to protect their weapons
IF you vote labour under corbyn you are an antisemite.
The Devil, You Know
The Devil, You Know

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Lose, Lurch left, Rinse and repeat Empty Re: Lose, Lurch left, Rinse and repeat

Post by nicko Fri Dec 20, 2019 9:25 pm


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