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Feminist Dismisses Bible As 'Godsplaining'

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Feminist Dismisses Bible As 'Godsplaining' Empty Feminist Dismisses Bible As 'Godsplaining'

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:13 pm

PORTLAND, OR—Local feminist Linda Otto reportedly dismissed the Bible as “Godsplaining” in a recent blog post, followers of her Patheos page confirmed Wednesday.

She defined the term as the Lord revealing commandments and universal moral truths without consulting His creation to see how they felt about the matter.

“See how God constantly just talks at us without stopping to ask if we’re okay with His objective truth?” she wrote. “This is a clear example of Godsplaining. He never takes the time to listen to women to see what we want His commands to be.”

Otto also wrote that the Lord has no business handing down decrees that pertain to women, since He is not a woman Himself.

At publishing time, Otto had published a blog post exposing the evils of the “Godtriarchy” that dominates the entire universe.


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