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How i can prove to Ben science is at play with gender...

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How i can prove to Ben science is at play with gender... Empty How i can prove to Ben science is at play with gender...

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:27 pm

Ben and I had a heated debate recently around gender. I respect people wioth gender dysphoria and they should have all the help possible. What I find poor and what damages people who suffer this. Is what is called transtrenders. That simple class themselves by imaginary genders. Simple based on learning intersectionality. In order to gain opression ponts. They have been fed a meme coming from a well off background, and being white, is some how evil. Hence they negate this facvtor by joing a marginalised group. That being trans people. Never fully understanding the difificulties they actually go through. Being trapped in the wrong body

Now i agreed with Ben, that gender can be influenced by social constructs but is inherantly an inate biological aspect within human as within ither species. That they are binary. In fact gender dysphoria is binary. Its based on believing they are the opposite sex and hence why a sub set of this group. That are generally post modernists are intent on making them suffer more. Because they have invented a hold raft of made up beliefs, very much like religion. Where if you do not believe in them. You are held like a sinner and cast as heretical and a sinner.

What i want to show to Ben, is you can believe that Gender has an inate biological core bases and also support people with gender dysphoria, which I believe does have a biological bases. Sadly the left and because some far leftists are denying science and making up basically a new religion. Inventing 70 genders. Which they can do so as they wish. But that it in fact harms people who suffer gender dysphora. Because all these made up genders are created because they want to become part of a marginalised group as its now trendy to do so. They are also the most vocal and ignore the biology. Which proves how and why people have gender dysphoria. And that trans trenders should never be classed as trans people, only people with gender dysphoria. As they blur the lines of this condition for said people

What I want to wask to ben is simple this. Why in the many videos from the same link I show, that it is always vastly women, showing a nurture nature, around baby animals and not men? Caring for resucing them?

Do you think that is socially constructed or biological?

If not, then contemplate this?

We know biological differences between men and women. That is not sexist, when the view should be about treating women equally


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