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Post by Guest on Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:54 pm

As the calendar reflects 2016, I’m vaguely aware of an anniversary. Or maybe a birth. Either way, I’m reminded my new found atheism is about a year old. Surprising, only because I never thought I’d ever claim to be an atheist. Nor would anyone who has known me for any length of my adulthood. At this point, atheism is probably something of my identity, too. Just as much as I once claimed to be a devout, Bible-believing fundamental evangelical Christian. Yes, that kind of Christian. A supporter of foreign missionaries, a Women’s Ministry Leader, a Vacation Bible School veteran many times over, Evangelism team leader, Homeless Ministry, Youth and Adult Sunday School Leader, Prayer Volunteer, Food Pantry, a steward like no other. A faithful above and beyond tither— I could clock volunteer hours in nearly every corner of the ministry world. There was nothing I’d turn down if given the opportunity—not unusual when you believe assignments are divinely sent.

Yet, my atheism was not something that happened overnight. The process that destroyed my faith, was gradual. Much like the melting of a glacier, slowly eroding with each new doubt. First, like tiny fissures, then complete breaks—fracturing every belief I had, evaporating under the heat of my scrutiny. I was something of upstart. Despite being from a mostly atheistic home life, I had found evangelicalism from a friend right after a horrendous break-up in college. The friend was a former guitarist in a punk rock band, someone who I admired and in whom I had witnessed an enormous change in character as a result of his conversion—shunning his old punk rock ways for a suit, tie and a Bible. After attending church few weeks, I joined a Ladies’ Bible Study group in a sleepy town south of Houston, started reading the Bible and became saved. And, that miraculous change of character I saw in my punk rock buddy happened in me too. I would soon be mentoring young women toward the paths of righteousness.

And a week ago I found myself having brunch with a woman I discipled in her college years. Two years passed since we last connected, our lives had taken those meandering paths that led us to different towns, different circumstances, or so I thought. We are both products of the non-denominational mega-church craze. The kind littered across the Bible Belt of Texas with good-looking greeters and smiling parishioners buzzed on free coffee and the promise of eternal life. The all-encompassing fundamental Bible-based conservative collective of the American right-wing. She, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who I had actively mentored and introduced to the church, and me, 20 years her senior, her close spiritual adviser. Over espresso and fresh fruit, I listened to audible anger tremble in her voice as she unraveled a tale of striking similarity to my own—one I had yet to share with her: shunned from the church due to divorce. Her story mirrored my own almost identically: after turmoil, verbal abuse and unmistakable signs of infidelity in her marriage—the church’s response to her divorce request was non-negotiable: God hates divorce and we will not support you.

It’s a common practice that deserves reckoning. The evangelical church is failing women on a grand scale. From its shameful views on female sexuality, limited and confining gender roles to its colossal neglect in providing a solid education to its young girls, the church remains focused on the past for answers—a past thousands of years expired and irrelevant. American Evangelical Fundamentalism is outdated. It has simply failed to keep up with the times. God may be the same yesterday, today and forever but humans simply are not.

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Post by veya_victaous on Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:35 pm

the fool used to support preaching Bullshit she believed, But found out She was a moron who didn't know shit and was a really bad judge of information.
So has decide to Preach the new thing she believes even though she is proven a Moron and a really bad judge of information.
while I support the conversion to Atheism, because at least it is not fundamentally incorrect, this one has not grown at all, changed jerseys but playing the same game.

Another Core mental Associaltion she never addressed is why she though better of the same person cause they had on a different costume? "—shunning his old punk rock ways for a suit, tie and a Bible." the superficality of this person. I'd suggest she has a LOT of growing to do Multipule life times worth...  the whole article is demonstration as to her lack of senisble decision making so WHY ON EARTH would anyone listen to her opinion.

Live you OWN life
Stop Preaching Cause You DON'T KNOW SHIT. (just like everyoen else)
STOP trying to get people to join your group.

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