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A child's grave dug 78,000 years ago is 'earliest sign of human grief'

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A child's grave dug 78,000 years ago is 'earliest sign of human grief' Empty A child's grave dug 78,000 years ago is 'earliest sign of human grief'

Post by Ben Reilly Fri May 07, 2021 10:18 pm

THE grave of a three-year-old child who was buried around 78,000 year ago has been labelled as Africa’s ‘oldest human burial’.

The remains of the young child were found in a cave on the Kenyan coast and revealed “astonishingly preserved” deliberate bone arrangements.

It's thought the child was buried in a certain position at the Panga ya Saidi cave for ritual reasons.

Researchers working on the project have published their findings in the journal Nature.

They think this is the earliest evidence of a ceremonial burial by modern humans in Africa.

Experts also think its some of the earliest evidence of human grief and provides insight into how our ancient ancestors treated the dead.

I've read before that even older Neanderthal graves showed that the bodies were festooned in flower blossoms. And modern chimps and gorillas, along with plenty of other animals, seem to grieve for lost loved ones.

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