Trump invites foreign meddling with US elections

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Trump invites foreign meddling with US elections Empty Trump invites foreign meddling with US elections

Post by Original Quill on Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:46 pm

BBC News wrote:Trump would 'take' foreign information on rival in 2020 election

13 June 2019

In an interview with broadcaster ABC News, the president denied this would count as meddling in an election.

"They have information - I think I'd take it," he said.

Asked if he thought his son should have called the FBI when he received one such email in 2016, he said: "Give me a break, life doesn't work that way."

However, the president later said he would "maybe" contact the FBI if he were offered information and he "thought there was something wrong".

What did Trump say?

"You might want to listen, there's nothing wrong with listening," he told the US broadcaster.

"If somebody called from a country... [and said] 'we have information on your opponent' - I think I'd want to hear it."

Mr Trump dismissed concerns that this would amount to electoral interference by a foreign power.

He added: "It's not an interference, they have information, I think I'd take it. If I thought there was something wrong I'd go, maybe, to the FBI - if I thought there was something wrong.

"But when somebody comes up with oppo [opposition] research, right... if you go and talk honestly to congressmen, they all do it, they always have, and that's the way it is. It's called: oppo, research."

Why does this matter?

Allegations of collusion with foreign powers - specifically, Russia - have consumed Mr Trump's presidency so far, prompting a a lengthy investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mr Mueller's report eventually concluded there was no evidence proving that Mr Trump colluded with Russia.

However, his political rivals are still asking questions: Mr Trump's latest statements came the same day his son, Donald Jr, was questioned by US senators over his connection with Russia.

Donald Jr, Mr Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and his then-campaign head Paul Manafort met the Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower in New York in June 2016 - crucially, two weeks after Mr Trump had secured the Republican nomination.

Ms Veselnitskaya had emailed Donald Jr ahead of the meeting claiming she had "dirt" on Mr Trump's presidential rival Hillary Clinton - to which Donald Jr replied: "If it's what you say, I love it."

It's likely senators would have questioned Donald Jr about this meeting at Trump Tower.

Donald Jr already testified in 2017, but some Democrats suspect that he lied about what he and his father knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

The Trump team initially provided contradictory accounts of the meeting, and about why it was held.

As he emerged from the session, Donald Jr told reporters: "I don't think I changed anything of what I said, because there was nothing to change."
How have Idiot God's opponents reacted?

Joe Biden, currently the frontrunner in the race to become the Democratic nominee in the next US election, accused Mr Trump of "welcoming" foreign interference with his latest comments.

Elizabeth Warren, another Democratic presidential hopeful, repeated calls for Mr Trump to be impeached.

"The #MuellerReport made it clear: A foreign government attacked our 2016 elections to support Trump, Trump welcomed that help, and Trump obstructed the investigation," she wrote on Twitter.

"Now, he said he'd do it all over again. It's time to impeach Donald Trump."
While Kamala Harris, also running for the Democratic nomination, said: "China is listening. Russia is listening. North Korea is listening. Let's speak the truth: this president is a national security threat."

One gets the feeling that he would also invite foreign troops in if it was to his advantage.  What are the bets that if he loses the next election, he will claim the election was rigged and refuse to leave the White House?

That would create a Constitutional crisis, of course, because the Constitution depends on the legitimacy of democratic elections.  He might argue that the electoral college was rigged, or he might claim that the popular vote was rigged, as he did in 2016.  Then what?

Then, claiming that he is the legitimate president, he would order the US military to stand down, while he invites Chinese or Russian troops to restore his presidency.

This is not unreasonable speculation.  We have already seen Trump defy the authority of Congress, ignoring subpoenas, preventing witnesses from appearing, etc.  To challenge the rights of Congress is to challenge the legitimacy of the Constitution.  What is next?

We've all seen that there is no constitutional restoration to be expected from Republicans, or the US Senate. which is controlled by Republicans.  Led by Sen. Mitch McConnell, they are a part of the larceny team that wants to tear down the Constitution.  

Would the US military break out in a sweat, and wring its hands nervously, as the House Democrats are currently doing?  "Surely, they don't expect us to do our constitutional duty, do they?" they would say, teeth chattering as the shivered over the situation.  Is the US military a bunch of snowflakes, too, as Trump once characterized war hero John McCain ("I like heroes who don't get captured!")?

The path is clear: Trump will invite the Russian Army in to enforce his "lifetime presidency", and nary a person or institution will stop him.

“Little thieves are hanged, but great thieves are praised.” — Old Russian proverb, offered by Vladimir Putin to Donald J. Trump, Helsinki, July, 2018.

"I don't stand by anything."  ― Donald Trump, interview with John Dickerson, 5.1.17...

Normal is broken.

“That's libertarians for you — anarchists who want police protection from their slaves.” ― Kim Stanley Robinson, Green Mars
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