No Vote pulling out all stop to deny equality

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No Vote pulling out all stop to deny equality Empty No Vote pulling out all stop to deny equality

Post by veya_victaous on Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:07 am

GAY marriage opponents have spent twice as much as the ‘Yes’ campaign on television advertising despite claiming they would be fighting a “David versus Goliath battle”.

The estimates come as reports emerged of ‘Vote No’ graffiti and swastikas being scrawled across public transport in New South Wales, and rocks being thrown at houses flying rainbow flags.

Leading ‘No’ campaigners the Coalition for Marriage are believed to have spent almost $1 million on television advertising to date.

The Equality Campaign meanwhile has spent $494,000 on television ads.

The analysis comes from marketing analytics firm, Ebiquity, as the campaign enters its eight week from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement of the government’s intention to hold a postal survey.

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No Vote pulling out all stop to deny equality Empty Re: No Vote pulling out all stop to deny equality

Post by 'Wolfie on Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:50 am


This survey doesn't affect me either way (as I'm neither gay nor married..).

I'm voting 'Yes' because I don't see why I should want to prevent anybody from making their own lives a misery, or punishing themselves further,  err..  formalising their love and devotion to one another, whether hetero', same-sex or asexual;  where such doesn't affect anyone else in any material way;  (it would be quite different if the subject was something more critical to the planet --  such as environmental, human rights/workers' rights, or small business rights issues..).

Some right wing/evangelist groups (such as 'Hillsong'..) have probably donated big time to the "No" campaigns war chest.

What gets to me is how many outrights lies the "No" campaigners have been peddling over recent weeks,  then they have the hide to flood newspapers with faux outrage letters, claiming that the only "dirty" tactics to be seen are coming from the "Yes" camp..

I'm predicting the survey outcome will be close to 60% "Yes", and around 40% combined "No" votes, Donkey votes, and not-returned..

Then we will see the "No" campaigners claiming 'Rigged votes !'', 'We woz robbed !',  'Fake news !'...

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